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Could 22 year old Josue Meneses have had more in him than just alcohol last March when he waded into traffic on the southbound side of the freeway just south of Poplar Avenue in San Mateo? It appears not, according to authorities, but why then was he seen aggressively waving his arms? No one seems to know. All in all, someone may require a good San Francisco auto repair San Mateo and Mountain View car crash service center in the bay area and silicon valley.
What is known is that the San Mateo man had alcohol in his blood and has been determined by police to have caused the collision that killed him when he walked into traffic on Highway 101. It was a 22-year-old Santa Clara man driving a Mazda that hit Meneses. The man remained at the scene and assisted with authorities, it has also been reported. The media reported that the police found young Meneses lying in the lanes on the right side of the freeway, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. A good San Francisco auto repair service or San Mateo car repair shop could help with body parts, automotive tech if you have had a car crash or vehicle wreck on the interstate highway or afender bender on the street or road and need a body shop mechanic for your automobile or truck.
In another story, that poor soul who was hit while waiting for a train on June 21 has not yet been identified. Authorities are seeking help from the public to ID man killed by a Caltrain in San Mateo. The man was crossing the tracks in his wheelchair when he was struck and killed. As an aside if you are in San Mateo or Mountain View I ilike this auto repair service: which also works in San Francisco in addition to Mountain View, California.
The victim was Caucasian, about 60-75 years old, was about 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighed about 130 pounds and had a mustache. He had gray hair cut in a flat-top style and brown eyes. He was wearing a black Fumagalli brand peacoat, a button-down black short-sleeve shirt and black pants, both Old Navy brand. Anyone with an idea who this man was is asked to contact the San Mateo County Coroner's Office